Welcome to my website and thanks for your interest, I really appreciate it! Jenda

JANOTAJ is Jenda´s original musical/concert project – a fine connection of tunes and poetry, a lovesome dialogue of voice and guitars in simple yet powerful arrangements. The whole song collection is based on pure musicality and artistic honesty. Though the project being quite fresh, Jenda has put all his almost three-decade musical experience to good use, so to speak.
Experiencing collaboration with many great musicians and bands, together with his versatility regarding his ability to play various instruments, have made him a complex artist in a best possible sense. He finds his latest 
musical solo chapter challenging and intriguing at the same time.

Jenda has recorded an album with 10 original songs, which will be available at his gigs since early 2018. Drop him a line if interested: jenda@janotaj.cz.

Here are some videos to enjoy: